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Motoring Around San Diego

a man riding a motorcycle on a city street

Not all tour companies are created equal. That’s just the facts.

Our San Diego scooter tours are really something to put on your bucket list. Many of those who have experienced them really recommend them to others who visit this vibrant city. From the waterside areas of Coronado to neighborhoods further inland, people really see all sides of the city, in a convenient and exciting way! We’re absolutely proud of what we have put together for visitors as part of our San Diego scooter trips. So what makes this business a success? Well, there are some specific areas that we have invested in to give the crowds a better experience.

Our Scooters

Our scooters are a joy to ride, including our wide tire designs and comfortable roadworthy cycle-type vehicles.

With these durable and easy to use scooters, you won’t feel like you’re flapping in the wind as you go. You’ll feel well supported for being out there in traffic in a safe way, which matters a lot as you are planning your itinerary!

This sets the stage for an enjoyable tour experience.

Our Tour Designs

GPS guided tours offer visitors the opportunity to take in everything that San Diego has to offer. You see a lot more when you’re on a scooter than you do when you’re driving in a car.

Part of the excellence of our tours involves crafting the best GPS routes so that people always know where they’re going and can see a lot of the best street views around. This involves a lot of work and research in scouting and putting together the best tours and making sure that GPS results are accurate and up-to-date. We also pay attention to the idea of traffic safety, designing routes that make sense and are practical for tour purposes.

Our Guides

Whether they’re with you on the street or behind the scenes, our guides are always working to enhance our tours and refine the traveler’s experience.

Many of us have grown up here or lived here for many years, and we know the lay of the land, the ebb and flow of cultural activity within San Diego and the Metro area.

We put all that to work in creating the best local tours for visitors of all ages. Come see for yourself and marvel at what you can see on San Diego streets. We want this to be one of the best memories that you make when you are here in this awesome city.