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Must-See Sights In San Diego

Must-See Sights In San Diego

San Diego is as rich in history as it is in sunshine. This crown jewel of the California coast has its roots firmly planted in Native American and Spanish Missionary heritage while boasting many cultural milestones that have shaped the region, country, and world. Exploring San Diego’s fascinating and complex history should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do when visiting the city. Let’s take a look at some not-to-be-missed historic sites of beautiful San Diego.

A Great Place To Start

Old Town State Park is a great place to start your historical journey through San Diego. Lovingly referred to as the birthplace of California, Old Town features seventeen museums and historical sites where visitors can become acquainted with the first settlements in California. Don’t miss photo opportunities with structures dating back to the 1800s in this enlightening and enjoyable part of town.

A Mix Of Nature And History

Balboa Park offers not only an awe-inspiring natural setting but also a comprehensive look at San Diego’s history. The San Diego History Center is located in the park along the Prado, which provides interesting information about the city, region, and garden. For history buffs, visiting the Cabrillo National Monument provides a glimpse back into 1542 when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo set foot in California and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

All Lit Up

No trip to San Diego would be complete without a walk through the city’s historic Gaslamp Quarter. The Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House provides the perfect starting point to discover the area’s colorful past. This popular area now merges the bast with the hustle and bustle of today’s modern city, boasting many local boutiques, shops, and restaurants. To add an extra flair to your touring of the Gaslamp Quarter, try taking in a ghost tour which will provide a mix of history and local lore!

Quintessentially California

California goes hand in hand with celebrity, and Coronado and the Hotel del Coronado represent both to the fullest. Built in 1888, the signature red turret roofs of the Hotel del Coronado have provided shelter and backdrop for movie stars, national heroes, royalty, and presidents. Steeped in history and inspiring beauty, Coronado is an excellent stop on your journey through San Diego.

Best Ways To See The Sights

San Diego is full of history, beauty, and adventure. Touring the city is a great way to see the historical sites and get the feel of life on the California coast. For a fun-filled way to visit the local areas in San Diego, try renting scooters. Not only does riding a scooter get you where you need to go faster than walking, but they provide a memorable experience in and of itself. Enjoy the best of San Diego on your terms and your time.