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San Diego Tours: The Naval Tour

a group of palm trees on a beach

a group of palm trees on a beach

How would you like to combine a modern scooter tour with a fascinating glimpse at a piece of U.S. Naval history?

We have the USS Midway docked at San Diego’s Navy Pier, right across from Coronado, and it really represents a fundamental piece of U.S. military history that you can actually see for yourself.

USS Midway was significant in the context of World War II, and was used in combat operations against the German army, including capturing a V2 rocket. 

Now this legacy ship is on display to the public, where you can buy a ticket and go in and check it out. 

Getting Inside

Four $25 per adult and $14 per child, you can tour the inside of this boat. You can see the berth and the galley, the hangar bay and the flight deck.

You can also learn about how the boat was used during military operations.

Seeing this ship from the pilot’s point of view is another interesting part of the USS Midway tour. We see people’s eyes light up at the glory of this massive boat, while they marvel at the engineering that was part of what brought the U.S. military to its triumphant and competitive position during that WWII era. 

Other Tours and Experiences

Since this is one of our more popular tours, we thought we would talk a little bit about it in the context of visiting San Diego. It’s something that quite a few people want to see when they are in town! And we are happy to help to facilitate that. 

This is a really central location in your journey around the mainland and the Coronado area to the west.

It’s also not far from other attractions like the Gaslamp District and historic areas of San Diego.

Experience it all with a modern electric scooter ride that takes you right into the action and everywhere you want to go! In some of our past blogs, we talked about how easy our scooters are to use, and how much people enjoy zooming along the local roads. 

Our GPS assisted tours offer families and other groups the ability to get more out of a San Diego itinerary every day that you’re out and about in this beautiful city. See more on all of our tours on the web site and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We want to be a part of your San Diego trip!