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Get a New Perspective with our San Diego Scooter Tours

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On our scooter tours around San Diego, you’ll really see the landscape around you in a new way. We excel at creating these guided tours for corporate groups, birthday parties, families and various other events and occasions that involve getting a great ground level view of some of San Diego’s best communities and local landmarks.


Seeing the City


One of the best ways to understand how great these tours are is to think about what happens when you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle moving from one place to another.


Everything goes by in a flash. You see glimpses of a particular street or neighborhood and then it’s gone. All of that goes by too fast to really process, and that’s okay if you’re just trying to get from point A to point B.


However, challenge yourself to get out in some of the same neighborhoods without moving through them at extreme speeds in the cabin of a traditional car, truck or SUV. You’re going to see a whole lot of different things.


From the particular build of a historic structure to other people moving around the same general orbit, you’re going to have views and interactions that you wouldn’t otherwise have, and in many cases, that’s really valuable in an urban or rural environment.


Favorite Mode of Transportation


There’s a reason that people in big cities all over the world choose motorized scooters as a means of transportation.


There are a lot of benefits to riding one of these lighter and more open vehicles in an urban environment. First, you’re less likely to get stuck in a traffic jam. Secondly, you get the kinds of views and interactions that we talked about above. Third, you save energy and limit the impact on the environment.


These three things together are very compelling reason to use one of these scooters as you motor around the city.


Guided Tours


Our knowledgeable guides will give you the background and reference that you need while you’re scooting around.


Even people vaguely familiar with a particular neighborhood can get lost or disoriented when they’re using a new kind of transportation for the first time. That’s one reason to use iRide and get the expert advice and background from our tour guides. There’s also the value of knowing more about a particular street that you may or may not have traveled in a car before, but never did the background research about what’s there. San Diego hides some exciting and interesting items that can otherwise get lost in the shuffle! Browse our scooter tour package online and book to get a new look at SD.