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Visit The Crown City, Coronado Island

Visit The Crown City, Coronado Island

Across the San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego lives a magical place, nicknamed the Crown City, Coronado Island. Home to pristine beaches, a famous (or infamous) hotel, a fun-filled marketplace, and extraordinary sights to see. There are so many things to keep you busy and enchanted in this fascinating destination.

Ferry Landing

Riding the ferry to Coronado Island is a popular tourist activity due to the fantastic view of the Coronado Bay Bridge and San Diego Harbor. Reach your destination and peruse Ferry Landing, a marketplace bustling with a variety of shops, restaurants, and activities. Don’t forget about the gorgeous skyline view of downtown San Diego.

Marvelous Beaches

Coronado’s national award-winning shorelines must not be missed when visiting this magical location. You’ve heard of sparkling beaches, and now it’s time to see for yourself how the sand can glisten when it’s embedded with mica. Take in the sights along Ocean Boulevard’s mansions and Hotel del Coronado at the beaches’ southern end.

The Wonderful World of Oz

Author of the Oz series, L. Frank Baum is known to have loved Coronado island and frequently spent time writing his books there. He often stayed in the Hotel del Coronado until he rented a house on Star Park Circle (now a private residence), where he wrote many of his books. Oz fanatics can enjoy seeing these sights of inspiration for the famous author. They can also check out the glass art Wizard of Oz exhibit in the Coronado Public library and stop at the Coronado Museum of History and Art to see rare editions of some of his works.

Fresh Air

If you’re still feeling a little fuzzy-headed from the smoky city air, you can clear your head during a visit through Coronado Island. This magical place is virtually smoke-free, with smoking only permitted in a small set of circumstances. So, take a deep breath and focus on the beautiful sights and sounds.

Hotel del Coronado

Also known as The Del or Hotel Del, the Hotel del Coronado is a rare surviving example of the historical wooden Victorian beach resort. Opened in 1888, this historic hotel has been a popular vacation spot for celebrities, especially during the prohibition era. The hotel has been featured in memorable films such as Flying Fleet, Some Like It Hot, Wicked, Wicked, and Stunt Man. If the magnificent architecture and famous history aren’t enough, the hotel’s infamous history is sure to spark your interest. The hotel’s book, Beautiful Stranger, tells the tale of Kate Morgan, a guest who came but never went. Paranormal researchers have confirmed a ghostly presence in her room using their spooky technology. Many guests have reported sightings over the years as well.

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