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Don’t Get Lost! The Power Of GPS-Guided Electric Scooter Tours

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What’s the best way to cruise around San Diego?


The short answer is – check out our GPS-guided scooter tours.


We have a lot of experience crafting these kinds of outings for visitors, and making sure that you get to see the coolest parts of our fair city. It’s something that we’re passionate about – and we want to share it with you!


Around Downtown San Diego


With our unique scooter trips, you can navigate the neighborhoods around Balboa Park and the zoo, or check out Seaport Village or other nearby areas with our electric scooters that represent cutting-edge technology for local transport. You’ll get to see quite a lot of the city this way, and our navigators will make sure that you get where you need to go on time and in comfort. It’s the ultimate convenience and a great way to see the city, in detail.




Coronado is San Diego’s coastal strip. It’s a scenic route like no other, and we have specific GPS tours that can take you through this area on a particular time frame. With well-maintained vehicles and a good solid GPS map, you can take the guesswork out of your itinerary and see what you came to see in a day. Coronado is a place that you have to experience to understand – it’s one of the best aspects of living here, so we like to include it in our offers to visitors. 


Check out available packages and fun for the whole family in San Diego.


At Your Own Pace


Why are electric scooter tours better than, say, riding around in a double-decker bus, or having your Uber driver point out local attractions to you as you ride?


Well, being able to stop and enjoy a particular scene gives you a new dimension of access to the local sights and sounds around San Diego, or any city, really. We tend to think, though, that San Diego is a lot more fun than some other cities – but maybe we’re just biased. 


Then, as you go, the GPS system helps provide you with a road map to orient your trip. Beyond that, you’re able to more fully interact with what’s happening around you.


Check out our gallery to see how this works and visualize yourself out in the California sun, exploring San Diego and Coronado and surroundings in style. We are here to help you to get more out of your visit. 


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