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California E-scooter Laws, Know Before You Go

California E-scooter Laws, Know Before You Go

The weather is perfect for exploring our beautiful California state, and what better way than to hit the hot spots by E-scooters! While the blue skies and unending fun await, you should familiarise yourself with the state’s laws regarding safety and compliance for E-scooter operation before setting out on E-scooters. After all, being informed ensures you’ll have an epic and memorable adventure scooting around in the Golden State.

Minors Must Wear Helmets

If you are renting your E-scooters for the day or taking a tour with a group, you will most likely be required or recommended to wear helmets regarding your age. However, the California Vehicle Code explicitly states that riders of e-scooters under 18 must use a bicycle helmet while on an E-scooter. The bike helmet must fit properly and remain fastened while operating or riding on an E-scooter.

E-scooters Must Follow Same Traffic Rules Of Motor Vehicles

Not only do E-scooter riders have to follow the same traffic rules as motor vehicles, but they have the same rights as motor vehicles. This means you simply operate your E-scooter with the same intentions as you would your car, including not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drinking while diving your E-scooter can lead to a DUI charge.

Maximum Speed is 15mph

Unlike motor vehicle operations, the state law sets a cap on speed for E-scooters at 15 miles per hour. Exceeding this speed can result in a traffic ticket, putting a downer on your day of fun. Most E-scooter rental and tour companies have their scooters set not to exceed 15mph, making the drive much easier to manage.

Bike Lane And Path Use

California has excellent bike lanes and paths all over the state, connecting people to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country. According to state law, E-scooters may be ridden on bike lanes and bike paths whenever available. Exceptions for riding in a designated bike lane on the roadway exist and should be considered when on your E-scooter.

Be Mindful Of The Crosswalk

The CVC code 275 defines a crosswalk for clarification as some specific sidewalks technically fall under this definition. It is considered a traffic violation for an E-scooter to be ridden on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk. You must dismount and walk your scooter safely to the other side of the street.

Dismounting For For Left Hand Turns

Speaking of dismounting, E-scooter riders must do so and walk their scooter across the roadway on foot after coming to a stop on the right-hand curb. Riders must stop, then safely walk scooters on foot to prevent accidents.

Valid Driver’s License for Operation And No Tandem Rides

The CVC prohibits E-scooter riders from riding tandem. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit to operate E-scooters under this law. However, rental company’s may have their age requirements for the use of equipment.