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Your Electric Bike Pre-Ride Checklist

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Electric bikes are becoming more popular with each passing day, for a good reason. They provide a great way to get around with minimal effort while being environmentally friendly.


Experts expect the number of electric bikes purchased in the United States annually to grow to 17 million by 2030. Whether you’ve recently purchased an electric bike in San Diego or owned one for a while, riding safely should be a priority.


Before you hit the road on your electric bike, you must do a pre-ride safety check to ensure everything is in working order. This pre-ride checklist will help ensure that your ride is safe and enjoyable.

Check Your Tire Pressure

It’s important to make sure the tire pressure is correct before you ride. The tires should be inflated to their recommended pressure level as indicated on the tire’s sidewall or in your electric bike manual. Check both tires and adjust the air pressure using a tire gauge or electric pump.

Test Out Your Brakes

Testing the brakes on an electric bike is an important part of the pre-ride safety check. Before hitting the road, you must ensure that the brakes are working properly. Testing your electric bike’s brakes on a flat surface is relatively simple.


The main thing you need to do when testing electric bike brakes is to firmly squeeze the brake levers while keeping your feet on the ground. As you press the brake lever, check to ensure that both wheels stop quickly and evenly.


If one wheel stops quicker than the other or is pulling or pulsing when you apply the brakes, your electric bike needs to be serviced by a professional electric bike mechanic.

Keep Your Chain Lubricated and Free of Debris

Before you get on your electric bike and hit the road, you must ensure that your electric bike’s chain is in good condition. For optimal performance, the electric bike chain should be lubricated and free from rust or dirt buildup.


The electric bike chain transfers power from the electric motor to the rear wheel. Without proper lubrication, the electric bike’s chain can easily wear down and affect performance.


To check your electric bike’s chain, you should quickly inspect it. Look for any rust or dirt buildup that needs to be cleaned with a rag or brush. If the electric bike chain needs lubricating, use a bicycle-specific lubricant.

Check For Any Loose Wiring

It’s also important to check for any loose wiring before taking your electric bike in San Diego out on the road. Loose wires or other electric components can create a dangerous situation if not addressed.


Before hopping on your electric bike, take a few minutes to inspect all the electric components of your electric bike. Check for exposed wires, loose connectors, or any other signs of electric damage.


Be sure to repair or replace any electrical components that are not in working order before taking your electric bike out on the road.

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