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Last Minute Holiday Gifts

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We are only a few days out from Christmas, can you believe it? If you’ve waited until the last minute this year, don’t fret. We put together a list of great last-minute holiday gifts that are perfect for anyone on your nice list.


Experience the THRILL of driving your own speedboat through the San Diego Bay. It’s the perfect adventure for two. Get 30% OFF at checkout when you buy a gift certificate for a friend, relative, or even yourself. USE CODE: HOLIDAY18

2. Yetti Tumblr: Do you know someone that’s always on the go? Give them the gift of keeping their drinks the way they like it.


3. Experience a night out with friends, fun, beer, wine, and painting.  Plan a paint night for an unforgettable night!

4. Subscription Boxes are the way to go if you want to surprise someone every month. Subscription boxes allow you to customize your own box, they’re convenient, and most importantly it’s cheaper than buying each of those items separately. Visit the link below to see the most purchased subscription boxes out there:

5. French Press 

How much is your Starbucks habit costing you? Fun Fact: You can froth milk in your very own french press.

6. DIY Coupon Book      

Inexpensive and thoughtful for roommates, family, and friends. Make sure you add things that you can do together to ring in the new year.


7. A fuzzy throw blanket perfect for all the movie nights you might have in 2019!


8. Indoor Skydiving  Schedule a date so your special someone can cross it off their bucket list, then print out a voucher to surprise them on
Christmas morning.


9. When you’re running SUPER last minute and don’t have enough time for Amazon Prime….go get a gift card at a local store!


10. If you know someone that needs a little help cleaning, a robot vacuum cleaner might be the perfect gift. Now you can control them remotely through a smartphone app or even Alexa!

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