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Intro To Riding E-Bikes 101

a person sitting on a bicycle

a person sitting on a bicycle

More commonly known as e-bikes, electric bicycles are fun to ride and offer a great way to explore around town. Not only do e-bikes provide an exciting way to get out in the fresh air, but they also are pretty effective modes of travel. While there are many similarities between traditional bicycles and e-bikes, there are a few different details that are worth noting before you take off on your first e-bike adventure. 


First Things First

Your confidence in driving an e-bike will significantly impact your safety. Before you attempt to ride the bike, make sure to understand how to use electric assistance levels, how to mount the e-bike while facing uphill, how to switch gears, and what to pay attention to when using breaks and making turns. The e-bike dealer or the professional you are renting the bike from can go through these aspects with you. 


Start With A Fully Charged Battery

Before you hit the road for adventure on your e-bike, make sure to cover these basics. The battery is an essential part of your e-bike, and making sure it’s charged is vital to an assisted ride. While you can certainly ride an electric bike like a traditional bike by simply pedaling, an e-bike’s battery and motor give it the additional power necessary for electric assistance. If you are renting an e-bike, double-check that the battery is fully charged just in case you are out longer than anticipated. 


Stay Seated For Safety And Speed

E-bikes are meant to be ridden a certain way, and following directions will ensure you have a fun and pleasurable ride. Be sure to maintain a seated position at all times you are on the bike. The motor of the e-bike adjusts its rotation power based on steady peddling, which can only occur if you are seated. In a standing position, pedaling becomes more erratic and can cause fluctuations in the motor, which are not ideal.


Continued Traction Is Essential When Riding An E-Bike

An element found in e-biking that is not present in traditional biking is that you must have the traction of both wheels at all times to maintain the speed. While mountain biking and other forms of conventional biking are different in this aspect, it is essential to the e-bikes operation to have both wheels on the ground. On an e-bike, one wheel receives power from the motor while the other wheel stabilizes the bike, making it essential that both wheels have traction to operate successfully. 


Know Before You Go

There are many aspects involved in riding an e-bike safely and successfully, but once you get the hang of it, e-bikes offer fun for all ages. If you rent an e-bike or riding one on a tour, you will be given all the directives needed before taking the bike out on the roads.