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Experience San Diego Local’s Scene


San Diego boasts some of the country’s most iconic attractions, making the city a popular tourist destination. San Diego offers visitors a plethora of sights and activities to enjoy between the nearly perfect weather and its southern California shoreline. Whether you live in San Diego or are visiting the area, you’ll need to get off the beaten path to experience the local treasures of this diverse and historic city. 


Let’s jump on our rental scooter and set out for adventure in San Diego’s less touristy must-do local scene!


Outdoors Is Where It’s At

San Diego is a city that is made to be explored outdoors. With its stunning vistas, beautiful landscapes, coastal cliffs, and flora-filled parks, you can find yourself spending your entire vacation outdoors if you choose. Leave the tourists behind and take a walk over the five-mile “7-Bridges” route that leads to some of the city’s most unique neighborhoods. Or, spend the afternoon playing volleyball at the free beach courts in Mission Bay and playing frisbee at Balboa Park. 


San Diego Local’s Favorite Shopping

Suppose shopping for treasures is your thing, head to Hillcrest, San Diego’s quirky neighborhood. A favorite spot for locals, Hillcrest is home to trendy vintage shops, book stores, record stores, and art galleries. When the shopping makes you hungry or ready for a cool drink, Hillcrest’s restaurants and bars welcome you with all the delicious flavors of the city. You are sure to have fun rubbing elbows with the locals in Hillcrest!


Stroll Through Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan is a favorite neighborhood stop for history buffs, a hotbed of past and present Mexican culture. Not only can you soak up the area’s culture in Barrio Logan, but you can also enjoy delicious foods and browse through colorful local artworks. Famous Chicano Park is located in Barrio Logan, where you’ll find the most extensive collection of murals in the world. Check the local info on the area as it boasts several types of tours, art crawls, and festivities you’ll not want to miss. 


Scoot Around San Diego Like A Local

San Diego is a city with many neighborhoods, parks, historical sights, and popular venues that are all accessible by scooters. Renting scooters and touring San Diego on your terms is a fantastic way to experience the area and all it offers. Scooting in San Diego is as about as California as it gets, so get local and take a GPS-guided tour by a scooter when you’re visiting this West Coast jewel.