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Day Trip Opportunities In San Diego

a long bridge over a body of water

a long bridge over a body of water

As we operate excellent electric scooter ride tours around San Diego, we can recommend a lot of cool extras on your daily trip. Here’s some of what you can access with our unique tours and rides to jazz up a day in and around this iconic city.


Coronado Ferry


To get to the Coronado Island area check out the fairy operating daily. Check out the schedule and affordable pricing, and see if you can work this into your tour. 


Historic district


San Diego’s historic district offers opportunities for sights and sounds. There’s the Gaslamp Quarter, and Chinatown, with its exotic shops and attractions. Historic neighborhoods include Chula Vista, Coronado, Kensington, Mission Hills, National City, Point Loma, and University Heights. You’ll see why so many people like to live and visit in this set of historic downtown areas. 


Balboa Park


This park has its own unique attractions, and national fame. Enjoy the carousel, the gardens and other parts of this green treasure. You can also spy some of the city’s Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, constructed as part of the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition, and check out the Old Globe Theater. IMAX and special events also add to the appeal. You can also look back on Balboa’s legacy in film and in the arts, and enjoy some time outdoors in striking panoramic views of this Southern California coastal community. 


Barrio Logan


This cultural mecca of San Diego is popular for learning about the history of Hispanic Americans. Chicano Park has some very impressive larger-than-life murals to snap pictures of as well. Munch on a Cuban sandwich from La Havana, or try local eateries like Salud, and La Yorona for authentic regional fare. Then, too, there’s the beauty of the coast to throw into the mix, and the nightlife for which this area is known. 




Get around with San Diego’s neat trolley system. Criss-crossing some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, the trolley offers another alternative to boring old car travel. And, of course, get street-level views of the city with our versatile scooter tours! Visitors love the real access that they get to San Diego neighborhoods when they rent our modern electric vehicles and tour in style! Visitors 15 years of age and above can take a neat spin around town, with helmets provided, at a max speed of 20 mph, which really allows you to get a good look at what you’re passing through. Ask us about the logistics of getting one of these popular tours into your San Diego itinerary, you won’t regret it, and you won’t forget the experience! Check out the Electric Bicycle Shop for more of our bike specs, and look on the blog for more about our track record showing folks around this unique SoCal city.